Short Cuts

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Saturday 16th March @7.30pm

An evening of short performances from some of Britain’s most exciting theatre-makers and live artists. Some are finished, some are in-progress; some are one-on-one, some are for all of us.

This year’s shows include:

We, Object by Figs in Wigs

“Figs in Wigs have been taking objects for granted; exploiting their physical forms by placing them under the gaze of spectators. We have objectified objects for too long. It’s time to put the spotlight in the spotlight, let the staging upstage us and finally show our objects some affection.”


Fridge Logic, by Olwen Davies (pictured)

Olwen is attempting to make a movie. She is having trouble, she doesn’t have the resources she needs. She is not sexy enough, scary enough, entertaining enough. She needs you to believe in her and help her discover the emotive direction needed. Includes optional Youtube videos distributed the week before.


Donna Kebab & Chips, by Laura Dee Milnes

Donna (woman/mother/daughter/wife) is indelibly attached to Chips (man/husband/father/son). This eternally intertwined pair of misfits, who attract and repulse simultaneously, are borne out of aspects of artist Laura Dee Milnes’ personality. Like the most fragile and brutal corners of her gendered experience, their voices are distorted, confused and uncomfortably amusing.


Also featured: The Man from Fukushima, by Kazuko Hohki; Postal Service, by Jessica Scott; and a wrestling-theatre event from Joseph Hill.

Tickets here

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