The Festival



London’s most adventurous festival: a little space for big ideas

Welcome to the Sprint Festival 2013!

We’ve got shows in our theatre and throughout our building on Hampstead Road; we’ve performances in burger vans and pubs and local offices; we’re making exciting things happen all around Camden and Euston. We’ve got brand new initiatives, special events and new ways – like our Talk Show Club evenings – to make sure you’re given as welcoming and exciting a night out as possible.

Sprint is London’s best established and best loved, festival of new and innovative performance. This year’s is the biggest and liveliest yet- a carnival of unusual entertainment from the most exciting artists in UK theatre. You’re the reason we do it – please join us!

This year we’re offering a Festival Pass again, that  gives you access to five shows for only £30. Otherwise, you’ll never pay more than a tenner to see the most exciting new theatre around.

Follow our blog page for regular updates by the artists and companies making brand new work as part of our Starting Blocks scheme.

One thought on “The Festival

  1. psipsinasays says:

    Sounds fantastic- going to forward onto some friends.

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