The Ding Foundation | Wild Life

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19/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: Thur 21 & Fri 22 March, 2013

Time:  7.30pm

Ticket Price: £10(regular)/£8(concessions)


Presented by the Ding Foundation in collaboration with Angela de Castro

The Ding Foundation have been making original devised visual theatre using puppets, objects and people since 2001. They are Amelia Pimlott-designer/maker/performer, and Hannah Marshall-musician/composer/performer. Each show they make is conceived, crafted, composed and performed by the company often in collaboration with invited theatre artists, which in the past have included puppeteer & Director Steve Tiplady and Director Emma Bernard. ‘Wild Life’ is a research and development performance for the 4th Ding Foundation production, the performance for this R&D is being made in collaboration with the renowned teacher and clown Angela de Castro.


We are inviting you to watch a collection of scenes that illuminate a story about an ordinary woman who finds that her flat has been invaded by an unidentifiable furry beast, mythological in nature, at once menacing and bewitching, threatening and unpredictable. It is a story that is well-known, when someone is challenged by unusual circumstances to evolve and survive, but however old these stories may be, we still remain enthralled to personal transformations that occur, as we identify with a protagonist in their struggle to face their fears and win the day.


In ‘Wild Life’ a living room is no longer a private domestic environment, it has started to transform into somewhere wilder than it at first seems. As the woman begins to stalk the beast, becoming a hunter and in the process more animal like herself, the real connection between the woman and the beast is drawn into question. The research we have done is inspired by horror films, silent comedy, nature programmes, mythology and observations of the human and non-human animal alike. From this research performance we hope to forge a show that explores a rich area between horror and comedy, asking questions about the ‘animal’ nature of people, our fear and connection to other species, and the predators that we mythologise as monsters and demons.


Wild life was first conceived in a residency Gloucestershire’s Prema Arts centre in 2011.    



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