Mamoru Iriguchi | Through the Window

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19/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: 27th Feb, Wed 6 & Thur 7 March, 2013

Time: 4pm, 7pm

Ticket Price: FREE


Created and performed by Mamoru Iriguchi

Mamoru is locked in a show window of Camden People’s Theatre. He is recording his time in the little space by painting what he can see onto the window. From tall buildings, to traffic on the busy street, to passers-by.


If somebody stops in front of the window, Mamoru tries to talk to them. They cannot hear each other through the window, so they write backwards onto the glass. The conversation becomes part of the painted landscape.


Mamoru hopes to complete the painting before sunset. Before it gets too dark for him to see what he is painting and for passers-by to see what he has painted.


Through the Window looks at a relationship between performance, audience and what stands in-between, in this instance, a solid glass wall.


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