Jo Bannon | Exposure

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19/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: 27th Feb, 15th & 16th March, 2013

Time: TBC

Ticket Price:  £5


Exposure is the beginning of an investigation into how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. This intimate one to one performance is a tender and tentative look into autobiography, asking how fully we can reveal ourselves – to ourselves, to another, with another.


Jo Bannon is a Bristol (UK) based artist making live art and performance. She has presented work in the UK and Europe and is an In Between Time associate artist and founder member of Residence.


Credits: Exposure was made with the support of Rules and Regs and South Hill Park. Further development is supported by, Dartington Hall Trust, In Between Time, The Basement, Bristol Ferment, Residence, Royal West of England Academy, Arnolfini, & BAC.

Funded by Arts Council England.



“…A very profound, resonant and rich piece.”

 “Simple, beautiful, evocative – authentic!”

“Moving, provocative and Brave.”

“An illumination of self and other. A look both inside and outside, that provokes you to self reflect. Personal and brave.”




Total Theatre

“Jo’s work is expertly edited; it is both a joy and a treasure to be given a moment which you may feel is unique to you…It is awkward, charming, comforting and true. Words are not needed by the end and this work is certainly very special. To fully know one’s self may be impossible, but Bannon gives us a chance to explore that possibility”


Exeunt – 4 stars

“The performance exists less as an event, more as a condition…it’s a candid, powerful and moving self-portrait which is free from nostalgia, but has a note of real melancholy.”


Public Reviews – 4 Stars

“It’s a deeply personal and intimate exchange between performer and audience…Bannon’s writing and performance capture our wider fascination with image. The step into the dark may cause trepidation but it’s a ten minute encounter well worth taking.”


“Exposure is a beautiful, brave and unusual project manifested as a stylish, intimate and moving one-on-one encounter that has received unanimous acclaim amongst all who have experienced it.

– Kate Yedigaroff, Bristol Old Vic and Mayfest

“With Exposure, Jo Bannon has created a rare opportunity: Not to look at someone, but to look with someone.  She does this delicately, inviting and returning the audience’s gaze.  In revealing herself, she helps the audience to look at themselves.  Bannon creates a safe place, where it’s OK to look, together.”

– Seth Kriebel, Director of Rules and Regs


“Just experienced a very lovely new one-on-one work by Jo Bannon. Hours later I can’t stop thinking about it…I found it genuinely moving and resonant for days after.

– Tanuja Amarasuriya, Creative Producer, Theatre Bristol


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