Chris Dugrenier | Elan Vital

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19/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: Tue 12 March

Time: 7.30pm

Ticket Price: £10(regular)/£8(concessions)

Created and performed by Chris Dugrenier, developed at CPT

“It’s never too late…”or is it?

When a 67 year old sailor solo circumnavigate the world, a woman wins double Olympic gold at the age of 34, you’re never too old for taking risks and reaching your dreams…

But even if a centenarian finishes his marathon in 8 hours, there is no way you can do a back walkover… at your age!

This performance explores the ageing process of our body and mind and what that does to our dreams. Are we letting them go? Are we pushing for gold but end up breaking the camel’s back?

Playing with few elements; succinct monologue and lyrical video projection, Chris. Dugrenier takes her audience on a journey of self-discovery.

Elan Vital is a poetic invitation to say to each other : ‘It’s never too late…’

This could be tragic or life-affirming.


Chris. Dugrenier is a french performance maker. In her performances, the real triggers the fictional, the private meets the public, intimacy occurs between strangers and the end mirrors the beginning.

She’s produced and directed an art video showing the ‘dance’ that an aerobatic pilot does to visualise his flying sequence; created The Shoemakers’ Ball in a disused shoe factory, invited the public for a one-to-one heart to heart, made audience members witnesses of her Will, amongst others.


‘…The best theatre makes you see yourself more clearly. Yours did that. 
I was touched by the warmth. You made fun of our often foolish  idiosyncracies … but reminded us at the same time about the importance of human connections, friendships, loves, family…. “

Elan Vital made a great bond with the audience…’

‘…witty and quite moving too…’


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