TheatreState | A Lesson on the Benefits of Being a Troll

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13/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: Fri 22 & Sat 23 March, 2013

Time: 9pm

Ticket Price: £10(regular)/£8(concessions)

[Double-bill tckt with ‘Pint Dreams’ (22nd March) or ‘Gym Party’  (23rd March) at 7.30pm £15, concs £10 on door subject to availability]

Created by Tess Seddon and Cheryl Gallacher

There’s no business like troll businessTess Seddon and Cheryl Gallacher began with an unhealthy obsession with onlinebickering between strangers. Deciding to join the conversation, they used theircombined name, Teryl Geddon.Teryl Geddon commented on everything from gardening articles to rap forums, fromonline gun communities to wizard appreciation societies, from Q&A’s with politiciansto porn stars.


And just like that, a troll was born.In A Lesson on the Benefits of Trolling, Tess, Cheryl and Teryl guide their audience tocreate their own online persona, hide their real identity and abuse fellow audience members.


Reading aloud from actual comments from online articles and forums,they transform the audience into a meeting of trolls and lone complainers.A Lesson on the Benefits of Trolling examines how we can engage with art, eachother and the things we really shouldn’t say.


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