Made In China | Gym Party—— (work-in-progress)

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13/02/2013 by camdenpt


Date: Sat 23 March

Time: 7.30pm

Ticket Price: £10(regular)/£8(concessions)

Presented by Made In China, co-commissioned by BAC, the Pulse, Mayfest, Sampled and Sprint festival

‘These are the brains of Those Who Have Passed. Those who could not keep up. Thosewho lost, the disqualified, the eliminated-from-heats, group stages and knockout rounds.The dead: the dead-to-us-now.’ 
Amidst the litter of brains of Those Who Have Passed, Jess Chris and Ira vie for success.
‘I’m not here to defend privilege. I’m here to spread it… We know what it takes to win … to win in the tough world of today …. to win for all ourpeople … to win for Britain. So let’s get out there and do it!’ -David Cameron, Conservative Party Conference 2012.
Gym Party is the new show from Made In China: at once a delicate and violent three-way contest and a hilariously confused call-to-arms. It will explore the psychology ofwinning and the nature of pride: the desire to be and get the most, in all its triumphantand ugly incarnations.
‘We call upon you, the congregation, our audience, to be pious and dutiful consumers-in-chief. Chris, get the muthafuckin’ guitar.’

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